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Tamer Rashed

Center Development Manager.

I view the opportunity to work and be with children to be a very enjoyable one. It takes you away from the fast and often stressful pace of life, and allows you to see the world through a child’s eyes where you are able to understand, care for and love them. Often times, I find that those feelings are reciprocated. 
Here, we don’t simply teach children some skills but we teach them about life, and how to interact and become active members in their communities.
Our work is not only exclusive to children, but also to every stakeholder in a child’s life which usually includes their parents, siblings, other family members, caretakers, and educational institutions among many others.
Among the many techniques and strategies that we place emphasis on when working with children are learning through play, positive reinforcement, interaction with their environment and with others, sensory stimulation and integration along with many others.

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