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The speech and Language department offers assessment and intervention plans for individuals of all ages depending upon the client's needs. The services contributed to clients ranging from 1 year of age and 12 years above with various speech and communication disorders, including Autism Spectrum disorder, Global developmental delays, delayed speech and language, down syndrome, Speech sound disorders/Articulation difficulties, Phonological disorders, ADHD and multiple syndromes. Adult Speech and language intervention also provided, including voice problem, disruption, or problem in the normal flow of speech (Stuttering /stammering), and fast speech rate with poor clarity and disorganized speech (Cluttering).

A comprehensive speech and language evaluation include standardized and informal measures to assess the oral mechanism important for speech sound production and feeding and receptive-expressive language abilities at an age-appropriate level (understand and process language & concentrate on the spoken word and articulation). The intervention program provides evidence-based care in social and communication development and includes Early intervention speech and language therapy helping a child learn how to communicate better from an early age—the Therapy services provided in both group and individual sessions. The Intervention address communication skills, including Oral language and literacy-based skills that include comprehension & semantic ability (understanding words, phrases, symbols), sentence structure, narrative skills (describe events/actions or tell a story), sequence and organize thoughts.

The intervention program also focuses on motor deficits (a holistic and dynamic method) that involve the oral structures vital for feeding and speech skills using various approaches of Sensory-motor and tactile-kinesthetic (sense of touch and awareness of the oral motor structures) to plan and perform oral-motor volitional movements with stability and endurance of the articulators for the intelligibility of speech.

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